RMP Lite 220


RMP Lite provides a highly adaptable platform covering scenarios such as indoor/outdoor delivery, patrolling, service, cleaning (disinfecting), AGV (warehouse), and special application robots. Segway RMP lite comes with a large-capacity battery to sustain 10 hours of non-stop service. Segway RMP Lite is compatible with ROS providing Gazebo and Rviz simulation models with tutorial cases. Segway also provides SW that makes RMP Lite compatible with NVIDIA Isaac SDK for Isaac Carter reference design and is available in Isaac Sim as well as Carter’s digital twin.

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  • Long-range
  • Traverse speed bumps
  • Wheels turn at different speeds


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Hardware capabilities

A Capable, Extendable Chasis

  • Hardware: small size and extra-large capacity battery to support 10h operation

  • Supports an extended suite of accessories, such as light strips, crash switch, ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor, sensor mounting lever, and many more.

Software capabilities

Limitless Customization

  • Software: compatibility with ROS operating system and NVIDIA Isaac Robotics Platform, and provision of Gazebo, Rviz simulation model, and typical teaching cases

  • Modular hardware design, SDK interface with software, support of secondary development or customization services