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Segway Robotics Products

We focus on leading the innovation of short-distance transportation and service robots.

For Developers: Segway RMP

Segway RMP provides general and integrated robotic platform solutions for companies or third-party developers. It can be reprogrammed or customized for specific purposes.

For Indoor Service: Restaurant ServeBot S1

A service robot designed for indoors food delivery, greeting and attracting customers, recycling plates, providing service and package delivery.

For Outdoor Delivery: Segway Delivery Robot E1

Sidewalk/doorstep delivery of food or groceries by micro-mobility robots in high density communities. Emission free, environmentally friendly.

Diverse Use Scenarios

Our products are widely used as an innovative way for short-distance transportation in fields such as services and entertaining. Meeting users’ needs of diversification and personalization, Segway continues to lead the development of the industry.

Customer Voices

The Coco 1 is a first of its kind delivery robot designed and manufactured in partnership with the largest micro mobility hardware manufacturer, Segway.

Coco Delivery

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