Segway ServeBot S1

Restaurant Service Robot

Segway Restaurant Service Robot integrates the ultimate functions of delivery, greet and attract customers and recycle plates for business owners, freeing people from mechanical work to do more valuable things while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.​

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Features of Restaurant Service Robot

A friendly and warm-hearted servant

A powerful service robot

Food delivery, attract and greet customers, recycling plates

Free your service staff to focus on communicating with guests

Cost Effective

Pay less, earn more

Comprehensive quality control and deployment support


Al + cutting-edge hardware technologies

Open to integrate with any POS platform or your own operation system

Highly Reliable

Works for 12 hours on a single charge

Master all things with one robot

Free your service staff to focus on communicating with guests

Making Delivery Easier

  • 3 large trays
  • 66 lb payload capacity
  • 300° open trays
  • Intelligent route planning
  • 360° omnidirectional obstacle avoiding
  • Integrated & sturdy frame
  • Intelligent voice prompt
  • Ambient food light
  • Keep it warm and colorful
  • Delivery for many at once
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Attract and greet customers

The robot with its human-like appearance, imitates the service personnel and makes the customers feel like vip and warmly welcomed, which makes it specially apt for welcoming and greeting guests, giving customers a brand new experience and helping stores quickly acquire customers.

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Recycling plates

The food delivery robot is equipped with a self-developed tray frame, which has a large payload and can recycle multiple plates at one time. The fall-protection buckle on the trays ensures that the things they carry do not fall off when the robot is moving.

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  • Deliver cake & food
  • Sing birthday songs
  • Send birthday well-wishes


  • Snack distribution
  • Broadcast marketing ads
  • Recycle plates on the way


  • Take customers to their destinations
  • Free waiters

Truely Intelligent

  • Open to integrate with any POS platform or your own operation system
  • Autonomous obstacle avoiding to ensure pedestrian safety
  • Double SLAM positioning, stable and efficient operation
  • More applications of intelligent AI technology
  • Super hardcore cutting-edge technologies
  • More intelligent experience, always refreshing



Independently developed

Constantly upgrading system with quality assurance

Full link quality control, high product security firewall

6 quality control positions, control the quality and safety

Complete after-sales service


Highly Reliable with Severe Quality Assurance

  • Low Cost Driven by Scale and Quality
  • End-to-end integrated process from the labs to production
  • Continuous Improvement on Product Design

Use Cases

Designed especially for restaurants while also suitable for a variety of indoor delivery scenarios

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