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Every innovation started with an idea –

and the Segway RMP is no exception.

Two decades ago, Segway, already the world’s leader in micro-mobility technologies, developed an idea to turn its iconic electric scooter into something that at the time would capture the imagination of scientists and industry pioneers: a self-balancing robot.

In just a few months, 16 Segway Human Transporters (HT) were converted to what we now know as Robotic Mobility Platforms – RMPs. These prototypes were shipped to 12 universities across the US, such as Stanford, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon, to enable cutting-edge research in robotics and mobility. The RMP even made its way to NASA – although not yet to Mars.

We quickly recognized its potential with the growth of industries such as e-commerce, warehouse automation, and autonomous delivery.

Segway started limited sales of RMPs to commercial customers.

A four-wheeled version was developed later to allow the RMP’s application in different scenarios.

Segway ARTI was introduced with articulated steering that enables the RMP to carry heavier payloads and traverse over more aggressive terrain.

What Segway innovators had envisioned as a “4-wheeled, statically stable, ready-to-run transportation platform” has finally become the RMP we see today.

As a highly customizable, all-terrain chassis, the RMP’s potential is being unleashed by AI technologies and through partnerships with industry leaders such as NVIDIA.

With the COVID-19 pandemic posing challenges to transportation and logistics, the RMP can play an important role in improving the health, safety, and convenience of our communities. We are looking forward to the next chapter for RMP, and the next decade of Segway innovation.

Segway Robotics Simplifying Advanced Robotics

Segway Robotics is constantly working to provide robust, reliable and straightforward mobility platforms that serve a variety of applications.

Whether you’re looking for a platform for your robotics application, a next-level robotic assistant or something even more ambitious, our goal is to take the performance and engineering prowess demonstrated in the Segway® Personal Transporter and make it available in a durable package for robotics applications.

That means Segway Robotics will be on the front lines of every advance in robotic food delivery and beyond.

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