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Bedford, New Hampshire, June 22, 2021 – Segway Robotics, a global leader in robotics and micro-mobility technologies, today announced a partnership with NVIDIA to support the next generation of robot platform, “Carter v2.0”.

Based on Segway Robotics’ RMP Lite 220, Carter is the reference robot for NVIDIA’s Isaac platform. The platform allows developers to incorporate and train AI features for robots, which could be used in scenarios such as warehouse management, cleaning, patrolling, and indoor/outdoor delivery.

Segway started RMP development in 2003 during the early days of the company. Building on this long history of innovation, the RMP Lite 220 modernizes the RMP platform, leveraging recent advancements in technologies. Thanks to RMP Lite 220’s highly configurable design and integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Carter v2.0 allows the installation of additional sensors and features, making the mobile robot reference design platform even more flexible and configurable when testing, prototyping and doing software development.

RMP Lite 220 3D model will also be available in the Isaac Sim on Omniverse simulation environment, enabling developers to quickly simulate and design their app with minimal effort. The platform is compatible with ROS/ROS2 allowing ROS-based applications to be seamlessly integrated and tested in Isaac Sim.

“Segway has decade-long experience of developing Robotic Mobile Platforms and has deep supply chain know-how. We worked closely with NVIDIA on Carter 1.0 in the past, and now our teams have successfully developed Carter 2.0 together”, says Tony Ho, VP of Business Development for Segway-Ninebot Group. “We look forward to helping Isaac developers create innovative robotics solutions even faster and easier”.

“NVIDIA developed the Isaac robotics platform to accelerate the product development timeline for roboticists,” said Murali Gopalakrishna, general manager for robotics at NVIDIA. “Working closely with Segway on the Carter 2.0 mobile robot reference platform furthers that mission by delivering a powerful, flexible, and customizable robot that can seamlessly kick start development projects in the real and simulated environments.”

NVIDIA’s Isaac platform 2021.1 release was officially launched on June 21, 2021. More information on Isaac Sim at: Download for Isaac SDK here: To learn more about Segway RMP Lite 220, visit:

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